At Cornerstone, service in Jesus name is our goal. In this world do you see suffering, hopelessness, and loneliness? If you want to do something about these conditions, please come and join with us in worship by serving.


Every member of the body actively engaged in passionate worship. Every member actively demonstrating and proclaiming the Gospel through loving acts of service and purposeful sharing of the Good News.


We exist to worship our God and serve Him by loving and serving others in the name of Jesus Christ.

Sr. Pastors Steve and Jo McCullar

Our pastors, Steve and Jo McCullar, have served the Cornerstone Church family since 2006.  Their pastoral ministry has been primarily in Tennessee with a 16 year pastorate in Mississippi as well.  Additionally, Pastor Steve has traveled extensively to various parts of the world on short term missions.  Both Steve and Jo are committed to the ministry of the Word and focused on serving others in Jesus’ name which is reflected in the church’s mission and vision.  Their partnership in ministry has only strengthened over the years and they find great joy in sharing their lives with the Cornerstone family.

Steve and Jo have two grown children (both married) and three grandchildren, each of whom is a special treasure in their lives.